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The 2017 Annual Meeting of the National Water System Intelligent Technology Research Association was held in Ningbo 发布时间:2019-09-19 00:57:40 阅读:1179

    On November 9-10, the 2017 Annual Meeting of the National Water System Intelligent Technology Research Association was held in Ningbo, from the National Water System and Advanced Institutes and Colleges
more than 300 industry colleagues and a number of well-known academicians, experts, and scholars gathered together to carry out China’s urban water system intelligence summit forum and technology discussion.
Ningbo Donghai Group as the sole representative of water meters attended and vigorously supported this event and named it  "Tokai DH Cup" National Water System Intelligence in 2017
Selection of Excellent Technical Papers Activity .
Ms. Xia Yuan Yuan, General Manager of Donghai Group, attended and presented awards to the winning experts
Mr. Wang Kuan, deputy director of Ningbo Donghai Group Development Center, did it at the conference "Design and Application of Intelligent Water Meter Data Acquisition System Architecture Based on NB-IOT"
Technical Report.