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Looking for Entrepreneurship in the New Era——Yuan Xiaping, General Manager of Donghai Group, won the title of "2017 Top Ten Businessmen" 发布时间:2019-12-26 10:49:12 阅读:1207

On the afternoon of February 2nd, the annual ceremony of the Ningbo economic circle-the "2017 Top Ten Business Awards" award ceremony was grandly held at the Ningbo Municipal Government Conference Center. Zheng Zhajie, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, sent a congratulatory letter. City leaders Wang Jianshe, Tong Ji’an, and Yu Weinian attended the awards event. Nearly 700 entrepreneurs, professional managers, experts from all walks of life, and representatives of citizens from Ningbo gathered together to enjoy the demeanor of "Fengyunyishang".
On the spot, Yuan Xiaping, General Manager of Ningbo Donghai Group Co., Ltd., etc. Ten Entrepreneurs Honoring won "Top Ten Businessmen" title.
City leaders take photos with Yuan Xiaping and other award-winning entrepreneurs
Yuan Xiaping won " 2017 Title of Top Ten Businessmen
The evaluation of her by the jury was ——
She is obsessed with the standard measurement of Didi Dada and has become a benchmark,
She is passionate about the quality improvement and launching new challenges,
She uses benchmarking "Europa’s top standards",
Erecting The word-of-mouth banner of "Upward is the East China Sea".
Awarding speech: Donghai craftsmanship Four Seas Return
Donghai staff delegation on-site support Yuan Xiaping won "Top Ten Businessmen"
In 2017, both the Belgian and Ningbo factories of Donghai Group passed the "Made in Zhejiang" certification. Yuan Xiaping said that the "Made in Zhejiang" standards are benchmark standards, leader standards, and advanced standards. Donghai has presided over the Zhejiang manufacturing standard for the "volumetric water meter", which has a number of major technical and quality indicators that are much higher than international standards. The first is the large range, which greatly improves the starting point of the horizontal line of the measurement range; the second is the long life, which has increased the life index to three times that of international standards. The third is intelligence, using non-magnetic sensing IoT technology, modular plug and play, combining traditional metering with IoT technology, and introducing intelligent network communication functions to fill the gaps in international standards. Smart Water provides the solution. The above indexes put forward very high requirements on the material properties, structural design, and manufacturing process of the product.
For an enterprise, quality is life and the source of enterprise development. From the beginning of the establishment of the company in the 1970s, Donghai has taken product quality as its life, meticulously cared for it, devoted itself to it, adhered to the road of strengthening quality and building a brand, and built the Donghai brand with high standards and high quality, thus winning the majority The trust and love of customers have been recognized and respected by their peers, and have been supported and affirmed by all sectors of society.