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Made in Zhejiang media collection Ningbo delegation visited Ningbo Donghai Group ’s overseas factory certification innovation model Release time::2019-12-26 10:46:29 Read Time:1209

On the afternoon of November 23, the “Made in Zhejiang” media led by the Zhejiang Quality Supervision Bureau went to Ningbo Donghai Group, Ningbo Xinhai News Agency, People’s Daily, China News Agency, Zhejiang Daily, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Voices of Zhejiang, Ningbo Daily, Ningbo Evening News, Ningbo TV Station and other central, provincial and municipal media gathered in the East China Sea to learn more about Donghai Group ’s “Made in Zhejiang” overseas factory certification innovation model.
Media delegation visits Donghai Science and Technology Exhibition Hall
Yuan Xiaping, General Manager of Ningbo Donghai Group accepts media interviews
In the East China Sea SMT workshop staff demonstrated the advanced technology of smart IoT meter remote transmission module chip
At the symposium, general manager Yuan Xiaping introduced to the media group the innovation process of "Made in Zhejiang" certification of the Tokai Group’s Belgium and Ningbo factories.
She introduced: "Made in Zhejiang" standards are benchmark standards, leader standards, and advanced standards. Donghai has presided over the Zhejiang manufacturing standard for the "volumetric water meter", which has a number of major technical and quality indicators that are much higher than international standards. The first is the large range, which greatly improves the starting point of the horizontal line of the measurement range; the second is the long life, which has increased the life index to three times that of international standards. The third is intelligence, using non-magnetic sensing IoT technology, modular plug and play, combining traditional metering with IoT technology, and introducing intelligent network communication functions to fill the gaps in international standards. Smart Water provides the solution. The above indexes put forward very high requirements on the material properties, structural design, and manufacturing process of the product.
Donghai takes the product quality of the most advanced international benchmarking enterprises as the goal, combines years of volume water meter R & D and manufacturing experience, and cooperates with leading units, participating units, and experts in testing and certification to comprehensively sort out. It has advanced the enterprise in technology research and development, manufacturing technology, production management and inspection and inspection, and incorporated it into the "Made in Zhejiang" standard, leading the development direction of the volumetric water meter industry.
Donghai enterprises passed the "Made in Zhejiang" standard formulation and certification, which promoted the improvement of enterprise product quality and enterprise management level, and promoted the mid-to-high end of the value chain and industrial chain. Promote the application of intelligent measuring instruments in water, electricity, gas and environmental protection industries. Tokai DH Metrology (Europe) Co., Ltd. has won the first European mainstream market order for volumetric meters with advanced research and development technology and market brand influence. This is the first time that China’s volumetric water meters have entered the European mainstream market, and it is also the first time that a "Made in Zhejiang" product has made a stunning appearance in Europe. In the next two years, Donghai Enterprise’s smart metering system products will be fully upgraded. The “made in Zhejiang” standard will be used to develop new smart metering instruments to comprehensively improve the technical and quality levels of water, gas and heat metering instruments.
Many media reporters asked questions on the spot, and made a detailed understanding of the technical advantages of Tokai Group products and the advanced nature of overseas factory certification innovation models.
Ningbo Donghai Group "Made in Zhejiang" certification process:
This year On September 21, a number of technical and quality indicators compiled by the Tokai Group reached the international advanced and leading level of the "Volumetric Water Meter" "Made in Zhejiang" standard officially released.
From October 4th to 5th (Belgian time), a member of the “Made in Zhejiang” International Certification Alliance, France ’s BV Certification Group, organized expert review experts to conduct a “Zhejiang” certification on-site audit of the Tokai Group ’s Belgian factory. This is the first overseas factory audit carried out in three years since the "Made in Zhejiang" certification.
From October 11th to October 13th, a member of the “Made in Zhejiang” International Certification Alliance, a French BV certification group, organized a review expert to conduct a “Made in Zhejiang” certification on-site audit of the Ningbo factory of the Tokai Group headquarters. This is the first domestic factory audit carried out by BV Certification Group in the past three years since “Made in Zhejiang” was launched.
On October 21, Ningbo Donghai Group’s Belgian factory and Ningbo factory passed the audit of "Made in Zhejiang" certification alliance. BV double logo certificate.